We are sincerely welcoming you.

It is our pleasure to be given opportunity to introduce Sungjin Press Die Co., Ltd to you. We have a confidence to say that Sungjin Press Die Co., Ltd has been recognized its technology around the world.

Sungjin Press Die co., Ltd is proceeding by itself from design to manufacture systematically. The best company amony press companies is the right one, Sungjin Press Die Co., Ltd. We all have focused on press tool manufacute since it started business in 1995.

As Sungjin Press Die Co., Ltd won the prize from Korea Trade Association in 2008, our reputation goes up in the sky.

Total sales is reached 5.5 billion won(Approx. 39 million dollar) and 2.5 billion won(Approx. 17 million dollar) of the gross sales is succeeded by export.
Germany, Spain and Japan is well-known on the field with their developed technology. Sungjin Press Die Co., Ltd is trading with the countries.
It means that Sungjin Press Die Co., Ltd meets their needs.
Above stated countries' complicate conditions and requirements has satisfied and Sungjin's technology is verified.

Business ideology of Sungjin Press Die Co., Ltd is "Supply faithful goods to customer".
Every pieces things customers needs would be meet.

Upcoming plan is to secure our position as the necessary for automoblie and electronic appliances on the world. Sungjin Press Die Co., Ltd works with the followings;

■ Keep the leadtime customer presented.
■ Quality acceptance comes from customer satisfaction.
■ Professionals at every field do their best.
■ As we are collaborating with customers for producing new goods, we meet the customer's needs.